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Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Season of Satire

Satire defined: use of wit to criticize behavior.  The use of wit, especially irony, sarcasm, and ridicule, to criticize faults (Encarta Dictionary).  My mother, from my memory, never once used satire.  It was not that she was lacking in intelligence, she was lacking in the underlying sense of superiority that leads to a sustained attitude of judgment and criticism.  When young I greatly admired my peers who had a biting tongue and maintained an attitude of superiority—I thought of this as an indication of brainy self-confidence and astute realism.  As the years have passed, I have come increasingly to appreciate the humility of my mother and father.  I appreciate less and less literature that is written from the stance of a perfect being peering down upon contemptible caricatures of humanity.  Gone is the heady sense I had once in some college literature classes that by right of intelligence I could look down on bumbling people portrayed essentially as idiotic.

Now it is political season and it’s time for a steady stream of criticism and satire.  Opponents constantly will be targeted for ridicule and defeat.  There is a pandering to the electorate complete with a wink from the podium and shared insinuations that we are superior and vastly more intelligent than the ridiculed opposition.  We are encouraged to act on convictions based upon feelings of superiority and disdain.  This spirit poisons the political climate.  I am waiting for the rebirth of wonder—for a candidate that appeals to our better nature and who views the opposition as no less worthy than themselves.  I am waiting for a candidate who shuns Ad Hominem arguments and rather shows reliable, genuine regard and respect for those in the loyal opposition.  It is truly sad when an attitude based on empathy, belief, courage, and goodwill is counted as unrealistic and weak.

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