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Monday, September 19, 2011

The Right to Rule Assumption

We (especially since at the moment the U.S. is “the most powerful nation on earth”) must guard against a disastrous assumption—the “Right to Rule” assumption.  Before the Civil War there was a set belief among the aristocracy of the South that they had a right to rule over slaves as well as dispossessed southern whites.  This was a grand assumption taught to privileged children and youth so that by early adulthood airs of command were firmly established.  We should never let power go to our heads and imbue us with arrogance and its misplaced sense of destiny.  We should remember in human affairs no one has a “Right to Rule” based upon some sort of inheritance.   Sunday’s should remind us that only God has the right to rule.  We must learn to acquiesce to him and his laws.  And, of course, “being Christian or religious” is also not a “Right to Rule.”  All mankind—including the faithful—is humbled before the ways of God.  “The Right to Rule” as an inherent human aspect is based upon fantasy, not fact. 

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