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Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Age for Immediate Answers Has Begun

The age of anxiety is past,
What will the next age be?
Will it be an age of scarcity?
Or will abundance set the scene?
Will internationalism finally gain legal clout?
Or will nationalism be the next dead end?
Will the promise of technology bring widespread freedom at last?
Or will it like stone, copper, bronze, iron, and steel
Become shaped into addictive weapons of conquest?
Will chemical intoxicants assuage the soul of man?
Or will honesty, freedom, and commitment nourish tranquility?
And what shall be the invisible hand that guides our political economy—
Selfishness blended with greed or generosity blended with sacrifice?
And will we define ourselves as self-sustaining units or part of a larger family?
And will modern medicine make us healthier physically
While killing us spiritually?
Will wisdom be prostituted to the smugness of mysticism?
Will religion lose divinity and its raison d'ĂȘtre?
Will sacrifice become antiquated?
And loyalty dispersed as a venting mist?
Will gamesmanship determine reality?
Will thought be displaced by many words?
And effective action by moving shadows?
Will courage succumb to ambition?
And ambition succumb to darkness?
Short of eschatological concerns the age of anxiety is past
The age for immediate answers has begun.
Communication barriers are falling fast
And with this brings hope if not for concord
At least for better outcomes. 

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