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Thursday, September 1, 2011

School Begins

It’s September and schools are in session.  What should we wish for the students of all ages?  I wish that they may learn the joy, adventure, and the rewarding nature of learning.  I wish that they may learn skills exceling in those in which they are gifted.  For those subjects that are challenging, I wish that may learn as much about themselves as the subject learned.  May they find that they have determination, persistence, and humility effectively combined.  Somehow in the course of study, I hope they come to the appreciation that life and the learning process for most all of us is not like a direct route as the bird flies, but is more like negotiating a maze.  We start out only to run into dead ends.  We must start over and try again, sometimes repeatedly, before finding the right course.  May they come to see this as typical and natural, rather than representing a failure and something to be ashamed of and to hide.  May education be enabling and liberating; a means to share and serve our common humanity—never a reason for snobbery or selfish pride.  May it be an endeavor based on the drive to garner intellectual power in order to give, not just to get.

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