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Thursday, September 2, 2010

An Unspeakable Luxury

Today I was a taker. I took paid sick time provided by my employer.  I took a free ride to the hospital and back from Mitch, my Sunday school teacher.  I received first class medical service from administrative matters to preparation by nurses, to due diligence from anesthesiologists, to surgical skills by Dr. Burke.  My knee was repaired, one has to conclude, in the lap of luxury—not only of external material goods, but of untold hours of training and practice on the part of medical professionals.  Additional is the development of these practitioners in terms of character and attitude.  A host of people (medical and nonmedical) over many years provided this intangible but essential groundwork.  Plus there is the present state of all technologies that contributed to treatment.  It is an unspeakable luxury to have all these resources directed at a patient with a knee problem.  I must add when I arrived home, my wife Kathy prepared my meals and brought me fresh peaches to eat.  I was entertained by widescreen movies.  People from work called to express their concern.  Friends kept me in their prayers.  Is it any wonder that I am walking about without using a walker and shunning unnecessary pain medication?  I was offered the best of the best today; and I took it. 

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