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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Last Day at the Paradise Hotel

I am now sitting in the lobby of the Hammock Beach Resort.  It’s a very swank and spacious place complete with a lit fireplace on one end.  This morning on the beach Kathy and I watched the sun rise and marveled at the vastness of the horizon and the antics of a sandpiper.  The surf covered our feet.  This afternoon the family visited St. Augustine focusing on St. George Street.  We toured shops and an Orthodox shrine later having lunch at a pub.  We returned the eighteen miles to the resort where we have become accustomed to sweeping extravagance.  We will need rehab to wean ourselves off these luxuries.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) the two of us head back to Saint Petersburg.  All in all it seems like a long way from Saint Petersburg and work.  Now Hammock Beach Resort is home.  This is the life to which we have become accustomed.  Maybe it’s now time to go back up to the suite overlooking the Atlantic, close the door, and take a cold shower.

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