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Monday, September 27, 2010

Keeping it Real in Shorts and Sandals

Yesterday we arrived at Hammock Beach Resort in Palm Coast, Florida.  This is on the Atlantic east coast of northern Florida.  Jim, my brother-in-law, told me that if I think the resort’s facilities are great, wait till I experience the service.  It took me about two seconds to get used to complete bellhop and valet services.  (The gratuity is attached to the bill at the end of the stay.  There is a strict “no tipping” policy, so one is spared frequent self-evaluations as to whether one is tipping enough.)  We walked over the grounds Sunday, deciding some of the activities we would be doing today.  There are multiple pools—one surrounded by white beach sand—and a lazy river ride. On the lazy river ride you float on yellow circular tubes along a winding course periodically going by or beneath devices to soak you with water spray.  I was at first a little apprehensive about visiting with new relatives until Jim made it clear that for him keeping it real is of first importance.  I had made a Shrek type comment last evening that I brought enough changes of clothes so that if I had had diarrhea three times already, I would still have multiple changes available.  Jim gave me a high-five and was relieved to find that his fairly new brother-in-law conceded to having bodily functions.  In other words, the multi-million dollar resort need not be an extravagant staging area for taxing attempts to keep up appearances.  We can, instead, be free to love and trust one another and to enjoy ourselves.  Indeed, despite all the amenities, how sad and depressing paradise would be otherwise.

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