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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Steadfast Dreams

One characteristic of Walter Mitty is that he “indulges in fantastic daydreams of personal triumphs”  [definition retrieved today from (].  In addition to myself, this Walter Mitty characteristic also reminds me of my friend of seventeen years Kunte Kinta.  This evening Kathy and I had dinner with him at Chili’s to celebrate his 32nd birthday.  His ever persistent and long-lived dream is to be a rock star (The Dark Prince).  He takes courses in bass guitar, and has four or five guitars which he has purchased (along with amplifiers) on a modest income to help keep the dream alive.  He is personally challenged but has a strong will to count for something despite his handicap.  I have suggested to him that like my desire to be President, the efforts expended to fulfill his dream are never wasted.  An important lesson learned is awareness of one’s raw resolve despite great odds.  No matter how impossible the goals seem that Kunte and I undertake, I keep in mind that “God” and “can’t” don’t go together.  I take our yearnings for stellar achievement (however modest the result) as “Proof that there's a purpose set/Before the secret working mind:/Profane perfection of mankind” (Yeats, Under Ben Bulben). 

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