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Thursday, May 14, 2020

It matters much less the motivation of the poet than the being of the poem

I trust American’s who daily evidence goodwill in their hearts and behavior. Their authentic words and actions make one thing very clear—their motto is NOT "beware of strangers" but rather to "CONNECT with strangers."  Say such an American so constituted is hired as a clerical assistant in Trump’s real estate office.  How long would it take for such a person to realize that nothing about Trump's persistent demands to screw others is something he wishes to stomach.?

Note you need not waste a single second in psychoanalysis of convoluted motives.  The blood sucking values he stands for are the opposite of those values that you and your brothers and sisters have always stood ready to live and to die for.

Once we set aside the need for neatly buttoned-down rational motivations, the true fare from the devil's kitchen becomes more evident.

The Watergate burglars included two individuals with ties to US intelligence services—the FBI and the CIA…employed in this instance to traitorously sabotage American elections with rat-fucking character assassination and dirty-tricks  A deep state activity?..,.maybe, but not as stereotypically characterized by the sid-vicious right.   And when the Big House was run by LBJ—a pernicious avenger if there ever was one—OOPs …there goes JFK, MLK, and Robert Kennedy—all proponents of meaningful jobs...not for a tit-daddy welfare state designed to indenture Uncle Toms.

And maybe there was way too much quiet on the western front during the greed of the Clinton’s (AND JUST HOW MUCH WERE YOU PAID FOR A 30-MINUTE SPEECH?)  The military-industrial complex reigned fat and content for years and sodomy plus the slaughtering of innocent unborn children became very cool in-things to feel very self-righteous about.

Why rain on your own parade?