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Sunday, May 17, 2020

Half Baked and Sunny Side Up

I feel led to toss this at you this Sunday morning day of rest....(I'm really very sorry!)

Analogy:  The laws of the land will not let me with inadequate muscle ride my electric bike at 18 MPH on the Interstate Freeway.  Without going into long narratives of obvious difficulties with the genius idea of clogging the Interstate with golf carts, mopeds, electric bikes, passenger cars, and 18 wheeler's joined together in a cacophony of mortal chaos, I can point out capitalism does exactly that for mom and pop businesses.

Walmart in its rural formative years displaced a thousand under-funded and inadequately structured businesses entirely incapable of providing decent employee compensation. At crunch-time short-fall imperatives were shifted (in accordance with capitalism mythology) to the employee's free-choice arena of unlimited opportunities leaping with magic frenetic frenzy into one's very lazy recalcitrant lap.