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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Full Disclosure

I have speculated that for youthful males a task window opens that will close no later than their late twenties during which all feel deeply impelled to affirm their own masculinity within a small number of friends. The process underscores mutual equality and goodwill and satisfies an insistent drive for revelatory integrity.

In later years peers get older and will find male conceptual health renewable by vicarious empathy-producing images of youth (from statues in antiquity to present-day videos..all providing effective virtual experiences). Mixing age differences nullifies essential shared group identity in this instance since it undercuts the promise of naked human friendship above all shackles of rank.

Traditionally LOVE is described by type: 1) one-night-stand lust driven by rebellious self-indulgent selfishness with power abuse sometimes ending in criminality; 2) brotherhood and sisterhood (family love 
based upon generous goodwill that often endures for long periods; 3) finally there is love generally resulting in an expansive sense of altruism and commitment to God and his creation.
When I go to the porn site I use for maintenance of masculine health, the ideal video gets to the main theme at once: affirmation, inclusiveness (no one is left out), encouragement and mutual respect--really from my point of view this has nothing to do with porn and is hardly more homosexual--maybe even less so--than chumming for hours with bleary-eyed guys in man caves watching young athletes for hours strut about on life-size TV screens..  Sometimes I have wondered if the Masons (Washington and Franklin were such)  found similar ways to male soundness as I earlier described.
Judge for yourself the difference between porn and healthy male comity maintenance.

God told me I will be president....

Dare will you risk risk being a fool and support and vote for me?  (OK young guys..those also serve who only stand and masturbate///who really knows how energy and courage sparkle and crackle atmospherically in support of others....each day I will report my own assessment of your oversight copious fun-raising.  Hopefully Eddie Murphy--who I expect to be my vice-president--will provide graphic pointers from his explosively successful career.