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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

When We Are Seldom Slow on the Uptake


We have heard much of late regarding the importance of institutional roles in the pursuit of justice.  Unbiased  judgments at the very least imply a certain insulation from financial pressures that would induce less than objective decisions.  If my organization can clearly be in a position to reward you financially for a decision pleasing to me, then objectivity is compromised from the outset.  Lets say I employ a contractor to build me a home.  He in turn may well be dealing with many subcontractors who have worked for him in many large, profitable projects and plan to do so in the future.  Obviously the leverage I have as a one-time-only new-home customer--who will soon in many ways be ancient history--cannot compare with the cohesion of a strong mutually beneficial contractor--subcontrator relationship. For example, say I desired a certain kitchen lighting that the contractor did not want to install, he can with many anticipated projects in view for the lighting subcontractor easily apply pressure upon the lighting subcontractor to agree to nix such lighting.

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