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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

The Love of a Woman

This is Christmas Day--a day that finds me as a patient in St. Anthony’s Hospital. I was here also on Christmas Eve. My wife had carefully planned so that she could join me here in a Christmas Eve celebration. She had made arrangements with a ride service so that she that she could arrive at the hospital bringing her electric scooter with her. Due to a series of communication failures on the part of the transportation company, she irretrievably missed her ride.  She called me in tears that she could not join me. With the help of a dear friend and a loving grandson, she was able to travel to the hospital for a Christmas Eve celebration I will long remember.

I think men will agree that it is tremendously affirming to you as a person to know that your wife lovingly longs for your company on special occasions.  It is a tonic to the soul that yields great fortitude of character and bracing of the spine. 

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