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Wednesday, December 19, 2018


[Podcast of blog]

All are familiar with the eye atop the obverse side of the seal of the United States. It can be seen on the US dollar. Very clearly, the eye over the pyramid is the all-knowing eye of God. God does see the United States as his friend--the New Jerusalem. And he does help us many times.

God can see, know, and do anything.  As our Senior Partner he can share with us new and creative ideas.  But he can also help protect us from treachery.  He can record it the instant of conception and have it on an appropriate desk first thing next morning.

So what do we do, govern with a cadre of inner sanctum ruling priest?  God forbid!!

Let's say that treachery known from day-one matures.  Miraculous video-clips however valuable as super reliable hunches cannot constituent state's evidence for we insist on due process and equality.

Thus, God with a little help from Junior Partners is able to square the circle.