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Sunday, January 27, 2019

I Stand in Defiance

Today is my 75th birthday (b. January 27, 1944).  I stand in defiance of those who would usher in an ugly and cruel America.  We are all dreamers, but where will our diverse dreams lead us?  That is the question.  Public policy must be selective. I want to see America less an ideologue focused on glittering generalities and more on idea aftermath. We must have the integrity to view the collateral damage public policy can chisel upon the human face. We’ve had that courage in the past; let’s not flag in our efforts today.  In my view capitalism will self-destruct unless our creative and loving nation finds a way to honor employees as much as employers. This is far more than a minimum wage issue. The day of self-appointed gods in the private sector is nearing its end.

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