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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Invisible to the User

Effective Speech is Marked by a Distinctive Style.
Basic Principles of Speech 4th Edition (Sarett/Sarett/Foster)

Effective Essays are Marked by a Distinctive Style.
(Initial principle modified to apply to the writing of brief essays.)

I have always been convinced that I don’t speak with an accent, while others on hearing me know right away that I’m a Southerner.  As with an accent, I don’t perceive a distinctive style in my writing.  Yet I do enjoy crafting blogs and very much put myself into them.  So, despite the fact that I don’t by design strive to infuse my writing with a special style, it is probably true that my regular readers could pick out my writing from several essays written by others.  My goal is clarity of expression undisturbed by one jot or tittle of interference from discordant sound and sense.

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