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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Coming Home

What do you like best about returning after a long trip? (Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, page 1562).

I imagine the early American settlers heading west.  They traveled with hope and anticipation of establishing new homes at their journey’s end. They saw before them a wide vista filled with opportunity. Free from their thought was any nightmare that shortly after reaching their destination, they would have to reverse direction and make an arduous trip back to where they first began. If such thoughts had dominated their thinking, certain grousing and rebellion would have arisen. 

I enjoy occasional road trips as much as anybody.  The attraction of new sights and new adventures is strong.  Often the trips are with friends and family, and this adds to the enjoyment.  Being together builds lasting, pleasant memories.  Yet even so, somewhere in thought while away is the knowledge that home base is the nexus of our affairs.  Even as we depart for fun and adventure, there assuredly remain appointments, tasks, and responsibilities awaiting us when we get back.  The miles filled with exhilaration while going away will be matched by the task of traveling long miles coming back again.

After a trip, it is reassuring to arrive home where there is comfort in knowing that one is back to where essential duties and resources lie. 

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