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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

In the Compelling Service of Personal Integrity

This morning I attended a small devotion group that meets every Wednesday.  Today I was surprised to hear a lady whom I have seen on many other occasions discuss the severe long-term relational problems she is having with her grown daughter.  She had never mentioned this before in any group I attended.  The occasion illustrates for me the driving need each of us has to communicate somehow or other, in some way or another, at some time or another just how we truly feel about some pressing issue.  The lady did not expect us to come up with any magic answers to her dilemma. The urgent need was primarily to communicate.  For her, I think, it became a matter of integrity–a matter of not being content with portraying a disingenuous facade while severely distressed within.

This year’s election season, not only in America, is becoming an instance where the electorate’s primary need is to communicate a deeply felt discontent with a stagnant or declining personal economic position.  Perhaps these voters too are not looking for magic answers.  Their main concern is getting a pointed message across in the compelling service of personal integrity.   

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