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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Seeing Beyond the Label

The next time you pour milk from a store-bought container, I challenge you to look past the packaging to the cows, farmers, ranchers, and transporters that are all part of bringing this product to you.  Picture the families behind the product  and how they start their day in ordinary routines (such as dressing for work and having breakfast)–the fresh smell of shower soap and the quiet moment at table when the milk is poured.  Many of the products in my home are from countries I will never visit in person.  But even these items–such as the shirt I’m wearing–has family scenes behind it and even though the language is strange to me, we all know the gist of what is being said as people hurry to meet the day.  Let us join sometime today visualizing–even if with fleeting strobe light flashes–scenes of those like us living bustling lives, yet flecked with quiet shared sacred family moments.  In a real sense, they are our closest kin.

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