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Friday, April 22, 2016

Goose Eggs and Circles of Love

Does obedience to the Lord insure prosperity for an individual? A church? A nation? Explain. (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 640).

The sufferings of Job clearly indicate that the righteous can suffer.  We also frequently see that the unrighteous can prosper.  What good is it then to live in obedience to the Lord if it does not guarantee a gravy train? One answer lies in relation to time frame.  Since living in disobedience to the Lord is in essence adherence to  escapism outside the realistic principles of God and outside the parameters of true nurturing and love that we all need to thrive, then success outside of God’s plan is pitifully ephemeral and spiritually empty. That is, “success” can have a thousand faces, many of them leading to despair.  A realistic approach to life takes into view all the needs of man including the need to be centered and loved, not just admired for one’s wealth or flash in the pan razzle-dazzle.  We need be fascinated less with the size of one’s bank account and more with the quality of communion surrounding the breakfast table.  

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