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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Covenant Service Delivered; Blogs to Resume

Wedding Party
Bob Standifer, Linda Standifer
Kunte Kinte Lueallen (Best Man)
Wayne Standifer and Connie Kline
Sue Marnelli (Maid of Honor)
Viney Myers (Played Amazing Grace on Harmonica)

Yesterday evening Connie and I were joined together in a Covenant Service.  The astounding thing I learned from the experience is the fantastic support residents at Westminster Suncoast receive from fellow residents.  We had originally planned for a gathering of some 35.  The actual number attending was over 100.  Many told us that it was one of the most beautiful and meaningful wedding services they had ever attended.  I have to give special thanks to Bob and Linda Standifer (my brother and sister-in-law both Methodist clergy) who traveled from north Georgia to officiate at the service.  They also devised the service.  Additionally Linda, who has a “Pottage” pottery workshop, handcrafted vessels for the sand ceremony (symbolically irretrievably uniting the lives of Connie and me.)  I was blessed by the attendance of longtime friends living outside the Westminster community.  Connie also welcomed beloved friends who traveled many miles to attend.  We intentionally did not plague anyone with the task of taking pictures.  We wanted everyone to “get into” and enjoy the service.  Immediately after the service we choo-chooed down the aisle swinging to the O’Jays playing Love Train.

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