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Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Wisdom and Power of Coaching

Several weeks ago I was having lunch with John Reynolds, a 92 year-old retired middle school coach whose prior students still greet him affectionately when seeing him about town. John could readily appreciate my obvious need to lose weight, and he approached the matter very tactfully and helpfully. He said, “If it were me I would consider whether I value more living a long life and putting my heart under less stress or whether I enjoy rich food so much now that I had rather do that.  Wayne, it’s for you to think about and it’s your decision to make.”

I straight away felt empowered and ennobled for it is empowering and ennobling to face a question squarely and then to do the responsible thing.  I made my decision without hesitation and since have eaten baked chicken and fish and fresh green and yellow vegetables without heavy oils. My goal is not far off and rosy, but is met every time I do the right thing at a daily meal. I have lost 5 pounds after making that decision. John makes a point of seeing me every day with his usual cheerful and positive smile and wants to know how it’s going. He says he’s thinking and praying for me.  I feel very blessed to have a seasoned and beloved coach now coaching me.

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