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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Certified Still

What awards have your received...Why were you given them? Were they worth it? (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 211).

I have recently renewed my teaching certification in the state of Florida.  I am certified through June 2021 to teach English, Speech, and Bookkeeping.  Renewal required an expenditure of some $2600 (including tuition, books, and fees).  I was required to take two courses.  I took Creative Process at Eckerd College and Special Education at the University of South Florida.  Even though I had to compete with students in their early twenties, I managed “A’s” in both courses. Actually, I had great fun doing it, though it was hard work.

I haven’t taught in years, so don’t ask me to give a completely rational reason for why at 72 I still want to keep the certification active.  It might be for all the wrong reasons, for example, a lack of appreciation for sunk cost.  Since I cannot come up with a convincingly practical explanation, I simply say because I felt led by God as, in fact, I did.  

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