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Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Most Transcending and Rewarding Form of Power

How hard is it to turn over power? For David? For you? (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 595).

For me, a milestone of losing independence and power will be the day I must surrender the keys to my car due to declining abilities and increasing frailty.  Though I am not there yet, I can give you a predictor of how hard this will be on my self-concept and state of mind.  If, at that time, I can continue to praise God for all the blessings I’ve received over the years and presently; I with confidence foresee that such thankfulness will be the decisive antidote blocking onsets of self-pity and bitterness.  I know this because I’ve seen consistently evidenced in others the power of gratitude to instill an encompassing reality of grace and contentment– gratitude hence proving to be the most transcending and rewarding form of power.

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