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Friday, February 19, 2016

Hey baby, come here often?

What’s the “oldest line in the book” when you are trying to get to know someone “new”? (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 580).

Hey baby, come here often?
What’s your sign?

Such introductory segues are so trite as to bring groans and eyes rolled to the ceiling. Of late I have been thinking about what is the best way to introduce someone to Christ. This is a very hard nut to crack for most people will run in terror the moment they think they’re your religious mark. To make matters worse, the reason that you are even thinking about such an introduction means that you have judged the person you’re speaking to and found them lost. And what does “lost” mean? It means you think they are searching for a purpose worth living for. It means you think they have had it up to here with glitterimg promises that do not pan out in practice. That list of lost and misapplied attempts can be a long one depending on where one has looked for meaning and put one’s faith – success, money, status, education, career, entertainment, government, business, material goods, consuming projects, frenzied experimentation. To this person I would simply say: “For a long-term sense of satisfaction and purpose one needs spiritual contentment that rests upon ultimate freedom. This freedom is possible when one trust in God and God alone. I have found in my experience that true freedom comes only by following the way of Christ.” And I would end it right there and change the subject. You can trust that if a person is honestly searching for freedom, they will appreciate a sincere and concise suggestion.

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