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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Find Drama If You Dare!

What motivates you more:  (a) A well-timed whisper full of wisdom? (b) A mighty shout that gets you off your feet? (c) A radical change in circumstances? (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 735).

Human beings are mysterious beast because we can spend so much time trying to attain and yet avoid drama. I bought a new car for the excitement and drama of it. Yet, I take the car in for regular service to avoid the drama of major engine problems. I plan my day so I can have the satisfaction of checking off in order accomplished tasks; yet can appreciate the refreshing drama and proffered lessons that can arise from unexpected disruptions. As a Christian I believe that some drama is heaven sent – such as met Paul on the road to Damascus. Some drama arises from human creativity: for example the worldwide web as a catalyst for dramatically enhanced commerce and communication. On the other hand, we are only too familiar with the dark drama that arises from human poverty and neglect. We dream of a world of peace and tranquility, but do not see to do the multiple chores or to make the multiple sacrifices that would bring it on. Some drama we hate; some drama we love; some drama we seek; some drama we flee. It is with some anxiety that we dare pray for a drama-filled week.

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