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Monday, February 8, 2016

Bathroom Integrity Trick

When did you purposely copy someone else's dress? Hairstyle? Homework? Recipe?...(Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 546).

Let us say that you are in a discussion group and that you tend to be staunchly conservative in politics. The group is of the other persuasion and tends to be consistently liberal. You have been keeping quiet during the discussion, but at some point someone turns to you and says “Mac, what are your ideas on this?” Now of course all of your juices are saying “Turn chicken and craft your answer to be more or less aligned to the dominant persuasions of the group. Most of all, don’t ruffle any feathers!”  This is when the bathroom integrity trick can come in handy. In a flash image in your own mind that you are sitting in complete privacy in your home. You’re thinking aloud with your own musings on the issue: “What do I think about this?”  Now simply answer the question in a quiet but matter of fact way.” See the beauty of this integrity trick? I think others will take note and be persuaded, if nothing else, of your quiet integrity.

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