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Thursday, August 20, 2015

When God Greases the Skids

How do you feel when you see a promise of God coming true in your life? Describe an instance where this is happened. (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 337).

Often the spiritual dilemma that arises at a decision point can be framed in two questions: 1) is the contemplated action an instance of our stepping out ahead of God, or to 2) should we relinquish all reluctance and step out with faith based upon our perception of God's general assurances? My adventure in selling my house was the latter kind of decision. The adventure started after my seeing an individual walking down the street surrounded by a penumbra.  I felt directed to sell my house at once, though never having thought of it before. I felt God was strongly beckoning me to move out in faith, which I did. The subsequent real estate transaction must go down as one of the smoothest ever made. I serendipitously discovered that a Christian friend (of times past) and his now grown daughter were both currently real estate brokers.  They assisted even in my clearing out the house in preparation for sale. My brother who has a very busy schedule was free at an opportune time. When the house went up for sale, it sold the next morning to a young couple at a sizeable margin over asking price.  One of the prospective owners by coincidence had worked with my nephew at Warren Willis Methodist Youth Camp. The buyers efficiently handled all their responsibilities and made no attempt whatever to chisel down the price. Yesterday's closing went well. Their realtor – a personal church friend of theirs – suggested that we close the meeting with prayer, which we did. If ever God "greased the skids" on a real estate transaction, this was it.

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