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Thursday, August 6, 2015

What "God's in Control" Means to Me

Once I was freaked out because of coincidences which were too coincidental to be coincidental. This catapulted me into periods called "mental illness." I have regained stability  principally through understanding that God is in control. I do not mean that I feel I am a robot.  But I do feel that God provides opportunities broadening the possible scope of action and opening up possibilities of redemptive choices. Let me give a recent example. Late Tuesday afternoon I was in my car and over the car speaker phone an acquaintance was threatening my life. The acquaintance did so repeatedly and with increasingly vehement hatred and rage. I happened to be parked in a parking lot and a police car happened to be parked nearby. I happened to have a friend in my car. I asked my friend to go fetch the police so he could listen in on the threats. My verbal attacker quickly began to calm down when he realized that a policeman was listening in. (The acquaintance has since apologized and we are reconciled.)  It is my view that the policeman's presence not only helped secure my life, but intervened helpfully for the broader good of my attacker. I don't think the multitude of happenstance involved was merely an accident, but was in the will of God. I have to tell you "coincidences too coincidental to be coincidental" are a constant occurrence in my life and happen multiple times in the course of daily living. I have learned to accept all of them as minor miracles of God.

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