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Friday, August 7, 2015

My Best Friend

Who [is] the best friend you ever had? What [is] special about him or her? (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 864).

First I list my descriptive characteristics of a best friend:
  • They are solidly there
  • They have integrity
  • They are straight shooters
  • They are optimistic
  • They have an indomitable spirit
  • They are loving, patient, compassionate, and kind
  • Yet, they tell it like it is
  • They have a smile that lights up a room
  • They offer essential guidance and spiritually informed advice
  • They have a healthy interest in...and expend Herculean efforts towards... their own ambitions, dreams, challenges, and skills
  • They are responsible
  • They are self-confident
  • They are courageous
  • They are open and accessible
  • They "believe in you" and are respectful of your dreams
  • They respect and honor law enforcement officers, military personnel, and first responders
  • They have an unblemished track record of personal loyalty
  • They have a healthy respect for the power of symbols
  • They love the church
  • They are energetic and enthusiastic
  • They are not perfect, but they are the best...being God-sent.
Based on these characteristics,  I without hesitation name Kunte Kinte Lueallen as my best friend.

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