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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Right Off the Bat - What Do You Need Most?

What are you most in need of today: protection, guidance or forgiveness? Do you feel you will receive it? Why or why not? (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 763).

The Catch-22 of the above question is this: I need guidance to even begin to answer this question. It is readily apparent to me that I may have an opinion about what I need, but this a far cry from knowing what I need in any absolute sense.  If I had been a spectator at the Boston Marathon on April 15 of 2013, perhaps the weather would have been uppermost in my mind – "Just please don't let it rain today." However now we know that I should have been most concerned with safety and protection.  If people asked my mother how she was doing, she would frequently reply "Good, so far as I know."  Realistically "So far as I know"should be the caveat for all that we know.  Even though I'm pretty sure that  2+2 = 4, am I willing to bet my life that it is universally and absolutely true?  If I were a mathematician, I would probably come close to having an answer for that; but surely I am not qualified to make such a statement.  And of course, this side of simple math, the world is full of uncertainty and surprises. So my first and last request of the day is for spiritual inspiration and guidance for all that teems this side of certainty.

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