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Friday, May 22, 2015

Enjoying the Process

Which do you like better: starting a task or ending it? Why? (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 1228).

In answering this question it is important to differentiate passion from infatuation. I have started many a project with infatuation – heightened enthusiasm for a project – only to discover a short distance along the way towards working on it that my temporary enthusiasm– my infatuation – quickly fades and peters out. Now passion encompasses infatuation but has a much broader and deeper context and has staying power.  In these cases stamina to complete the project is abundant and joyfully exercised.  Infatuation tantalizes the mind with engrossing fantasy, but is short-lived.  Ironically, the experienced completion of the project is much more important when infatuation rather than passion is the driver. Infatuation wants quick results; whereas passion enjoys every moment of creativity and the sense of meaning which, though shared by the ultimate end, is not captured by it.  It is all very much like Jesus's story of sown seeds – the seeds that fall on rocky, shallow soil sprang up quickly but as quickly fade; whereas the seeds falling on good ground flourish over time.

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