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Friday, May 8, 2015

Needed: The Comforting Grace of Forgiveness

When in your life were you most disappointed with yourself?  (Serendipity Bible  Fourth Edition, page 1410).

I have addressed this or similar questions in the past and have mentioned several incidents that are painful to remember. Today I would like to look forward and identify those elements that when occurring will again make me regret  my actions. Some of them I like to think come with the inherent limitations of my makeup – such as not being able to remember names and generally lacking a photographic memory to tenaciously grasp the intricacies of things.  These are embarrassing but not deeply regretful until they are hurtful to myself or others. Hence is identified the key trigger of regret – when action or the lack thereof turns out to be hurtful or harmful, especially where gratuitously and egregiously so (and this does not necessarily imply high profile).  This points to the need for regular confessionals and the comforting grace of forgiveness.

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