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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Unalterable Rebars of Reality

Does observation alter an event? ("65 Deep Philosophical Questions" by Operation-Meditation. Retrieved at:

Whether a glass is half full is in one important sense not a debatable issue. We can determine the volume of a glass and measure if half the volume has been displaced by water.  The determination based upon rigorous objective procedures is a factual truth regardless of what we may say or think about it.  But of course in human affairs objective facts sometimes are the least important matter before us.  Determining short-term "truth" in human affairs is often a popularity contest. Let us say that if it is determined that the glass is half-full, I will receive a million dollars. Twelve highly respected judges through casual visual observation unanimously agree that it is half-full. I therefore receive $1 million. Now, did I receive it justly? In one sense it doesn't matter, the issue has been resolved – especially to my own personal satisfaction. Needless to say the outcome will have a strong bearing upon my future. Think of all the Krispy Kreme donuts I can buy. Dr. Brady will not be pleased.  In human affairs, few things are determined in a sterile environment.

Humanity has been greatly blessed by two significant developments.  The objectivity of science and the resurrection of Christ have greatly enriched human life. Science increases understanding and control of the physical world, and the resurrection of Christ overturns subjectivism and power as reliable engines of spiritual truth. Both developments insist on a decent regard for the unalterable rebars of reality. 

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