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Monday, January 12, 2015

Get Use to Looking Foolish

What can you do to stand by Jesus even when it's unpopular? (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 1412).

The most difficult time to stand by Jesus is not when he is confronted by a frontal attack. Then you are fully aware that you're dealing with unbelievers who are adamantly beyond persuasion.  There is nothing insidious about their attack, but it is forthright and head-on.

But attacks on Jesus can be insidious and perpetrated by apparent believers.  They have all the trappings of faith, but lack faith itself. They are ever asking that worldly wisdom be judiciously applied and any leadings of the Spirit contrary to that be met with unease and profound misgivings.  There is no faith that God's way--even if apparently ridiculous and insane--can stand on its own .  They would counsel Joshua as to the absurdity of marching around Jericho and Noah as to the absurdity of building an ark.  In such cases one must stand and then to stand in the face of "wise" warnings of certain disaster and the clincher of all prognostications--the dire warning that one will look foolish.

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