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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Standing Condemned Already

Generally, how receptive are you to "new wine"?
a. I like to keep things as they are.
b. I accept change slowly, but with God's help I can handle it.
c. I'm all for change if I'm sure it's God's doing.
d. I'm a revolutionary--let's turn the world upside down!
(Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, page 1442)

I was a government (city) employee, after all, so it is no doubt true that in many ways I prefer stability over instability.  For 33 years I worked in government facilities and was granted consideration in terms of job security and a decent wage.  In my personal life I have friendships that I reinforce regularly that go back many, many years.  Yet, this said, I would like to see significant change in the world and greatly admire people that can ask "what's missing?" while with equanimity visualizing outside the box of convention and the status quo.  It is my intrepid belief that years hence people will ask regarding many of today's routinely accepted actions and viewpoints--how could they have been so callous, so selfish, so purblind, so unbelievably dense about the fundamentals and minimally acceptable ethics of economics, government, science, religion, and essential biosphere responsibilities? I am convinced we will stand condemned by our myopic certitudes, creeds, and insufferable self-righteous complacencies. 

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