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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Location, Location, Location

Last evening two political camps met at various multi-star hotels to watch election returns--one at Clearwater's Sand Key Resort the other at St. Petersburg's Hilton Carlton.  In this local campaign covering not even one county in its entirety (I was excluded)  more than $12 million was spent, $9 million coming from outside groups--one candidate wanted to abolish a recently enacted health care program and the other supported widespread abortions--neither very Christian from my point of view.  Where did God place me last evening?  I was at the Greyhound bus terminal in Tampa with members of my extended family.  We were awaiting the arrival of a family member released that day from Hamilton Correction in Jasper, Florida.  On arrival, he was welcomed with big hugs all around.  While waiting an hour or so for him to arrive, I observed the people in the lobby and contrasted that with my experiences at Tampa International Airport.  I felt equally at home in both places and felt love for passerbys at both.  But clearly there was a difference.  At the bus terminal widespread economic distress was palpable. There was additionally evident a level of submission to always riding 10th class on the national economic bus with its associated cultural rejection.  It was sad in a way...but I wouldn't exchange that hug for a victory toast at either political gathering. 

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