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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Kindness as an Aphrodisiac

Often we hear that “bad boys” are a turn-on for women. I recently observed a contrasting truth—politeness and kindness can constitute a powerful aphrodisiac.

Yesterday two friends of mine Bobby and Deangelo (in his early twenties) and I went on an outing to Bush Gardens. While they experienced a clock-clearing ride—The Cheetah—I strolled through the park and rode the sky-ride and train through the Serengeti, a large park expanse filled with wildebeest, gazelles, ostriches, giraffes, and other animals in a simulated natural environment. After several hours we left with plans to return in the future on celebratory occasions.

Soon after driving away from the park we pulled into a SUBWAY for lunch. As we were eating an elderly lady was having some difficulty making it through the front door with her take-out order. She dropped some of her order onto the floor. Observing this, Deangelo jumped up from our table and offered assistance, which the woman accepted. All the while an attractive young lady in the restaurant noticed all this. We left at about the same time and the young lady and Deangelo struck up a conversation outside the restaurant. Before going our separate ways, she had proffered Deangelo her phone numberwhich he duly accepted in all requisite obligation.

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