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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Shit Happens

In those periods of discouragement and doubt, what most renews your courage and faith? (Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, page 1354).

While we all need to be hopeful and to want and expect the best, a lifetime of experience guides me to one inescapable conclusion—despite the best that we and others can do, shit happens. In an unsentimental sense, that’s the reason for the vast and lucrative insurance industry—people are insuring against that day when shit happens. I personally believe that we have entered a litigious stage in American history because people want and have come to expect the reverse—unrelieved fields of cotton candy. Well friends, this is not the case—never has and never will be—and I frankly have sympathy for all those institutions in this environment that daily assume great risks performing humble service. Yesterday I took my spanking new car in for service—the fuel gauge was malfunctioning. When the staff took the car in back to explore the issue, they inadvertently hit an immovable object and damaged the side-panel of the car—requiring body work that will not be completed for several days. They apologetically gave me a rental car until the repairs are complete. Despite my best efforts I cannot seem to muster much steam and outrage about the damage. I know they obviously did not want this to happen, and all were presumably doing their best to serve me when it did. I can only conclude that in this world for whatever reason shit sometimes happens and we must (heaven giving us grace and a sense of irony) accept the fact.

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