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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Man as Actor

How might you still be spiritually “blind” or “dumb”? How can Jesus heal your sight and speech? (Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, page 1352).

This question lies at the heart of the ills that afflict mankind—for these afflictions do not lie in material ingenuity (mankind has ingenuity aplenty to master any challenge in the material world) but the challenge is to master himself. In a breathtakingly sweeping way, man lacks self-knowledge and regularly overestimates his ability to know himself and the spiritual tone and tenor of reality. Forget sin if you choke on that word, consider man’s deeply flawed perception as that relates to the nature and importance of intangibles—of principles governing the spiritual as contrasted with the material world. While man accedes to the importance of truth, virtue, wisdom, love, honesty, faithfulness, humility, integrity, courage—he consistently assumes he knows what these concepts mean, while in fact he is projecting his own fears and prejudices—his tone and tenor—upon them. We make of these terms and concepts a Rorschach test. In other words, we in practice assume that these are not intangible realities at all, but rather are subjective extensions of man’s mind—that they are the result of man’s ingenuity rather than having an eternal source—that relativism rules in the end. Thus, an essential purpose of monotheism is to attest to the truth of these principles—their truth is so regardless of what we may say about them. In this sense, religion is estranged from language fabrications for believers insist that at the heart of the matter lays fact not subjectivity with its estrangement from objective Spirit. An eternal God is the initiator and creator and man the created receiver. When all is said and done, God is proactive and man reactive.

Jesus came to emphasize the importance of tone and tenor—of spiritual reality as received as opposed to the letter of the law—an insidious cop-out projection of man. Jesus gave us a tool to help redeem ourselves and the world. We are to tune ourselves to the chords of sevanthood—being servants of God first and man thereafter. Thus, in the image of God and all He stands for, man will make creativity an expression of servanthood, as likewise in the intangible realms.

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