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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Was Papa Wrong?

Papa Hemingway
Where are you crying out, but unheeded? What then do you say? Feel? Act? (Serendipity Bible, 10th Anniversary Edition, page 1303).

For a great while I have cried out against alcohol. I think it has profound effects upon the human brain of which were are unaware or only dimly so. I think the brain has telemetric capacity that is critical for human survival and which capacity is damaged by alcohol. Man is arrogant in the extreme to assume that all thoughts originate within the confines of his skull.

My warnings regarding alcohol even to my friends go unheeded and dismissed. Unfortunately I live in a society that irresponsibly allows alcohol to be marketed and promoted without any significant restrictions whatever. We think based upon our decisions that it is more detrimental for a child to have chain smokers for parents rather than drunks. This is so sad and absurd as not to deserve comment.

Creativity is essential for human survival. It is my firm belief that alcohol impairs the creative function. People will say that noted writers have been drunkards. Let’s not assume that we can always accurately discern messages from divinity and automatically assume that that which pleases our prejudices, cynicism, and passions is always best for us.

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