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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Misconstrued Causes and Hurtful Results

Cosmic Trinity ~ Divine Star©2012
Michael C. Turner ~ Galactic Visions Space Art

The War on Poverty diagnosed the root cause of a multiplicity of problems as poverty. Send people a welfare check to supplement their income and the pursuit of happiness for all will be won. It was a noble idea but basically wrong. The root cause of our chronic problems is essentially psychological. The spider web that entraps millions is not poverty but the inability to answer a few key questions: Does anyone really need or want me? Is there any purposeful role that I can play? We all (even the most well-heeled and complacent of us) are called by God to make sure the answers to these questions are positive. There is frankly a religious aspect to these questions. The need is great for an overarching purpose that dignifies all activity no matter how humble. (And considering that just our galaxy (one of 200 billion) may have 400 billion stars, all human activity can be viewed as humble.) Beyond that, however, is the very practical need for work and activities that supplement and reinforce the essential initial religious dimension. It is necessary that all programs in this regard be genuinely helpful—not merely attempts to assuage our consciences or massage our egos.

(My thanks to Angelo Lundy for help with this blog).

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