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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Power Worship?

What symbols of power do we worship in our culture? How so? (Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, page 1304).

I think it is way too easy to find “power worship” visualized as abeyance shown the national strength of America—perhaps epitomized in its military strength. In a sense if we find national strength the ultimate power idol of America, we have overlooked the all-important intervening steps. For power worship begins on a much more humble level. It begins in the way we approach authority that impinges upon our lives daily. My challenge is that we look at those who have power over us in our immediate environment throughout the day. Are we attributing to these figures a wisdom and rectitude that surpasses human capability? In our relationship with power do we mentally quail before it intellectually and ethically? For it is in our daily lives that the paradigm is established for our habitual and typical stance in relation to power. Therefore I urge everyone when dealing with those of power not to be like cowering dogs turning their tails beneath their legs – keep those tails up and wagging at all times expressing a deep awareness of essential equality. Worship only the one true God and stop making idols of your fellow human beings. I would also urge that we not seek to project national power with a subconscious desire that our nation be worshipped by anyone. Such yearning for a national demigod would be a fundamental betrayal of America’s core democratic values.

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