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Monday, June 10, 2013

Moral and Spiritual Decline

What causes moral or spiritual decline in individuals and in society? What knowledge or understanding is crucial in this regard...? (Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, page 1246).

To answer this question I will list five contributors to moral and spiritual decline. They do no appear in any sort of hierarchy, but comprise a circle of enslavement. I will begin with home and family. When the home becomes primarily a hotel rather than a sanctuary of nurture, acceptance, love, disciple, and trust; the seeds of broader moral decline are sown. The nurseries of hope and faith which are essential requisites for positive practical action are abandoned. A second factor is when focus is fixated exclusively on the short-term, and eternal verities lose all intrinsic value and clout for the citizenry. A third factor is when focus centers on the self, and a sea-change occurs whereby a strong sense of broader communal responsibility is lost. A forth factor is when people live in fear of taboos. Truth and honesty are avoided and the lurid and profane are substituted for truth. “Small talk” abounds and there is avoidance of significant conversation. A fifth factor (again this listing is not intended to be in any sort of hierarchy) is when the state becomes the plaything of the powerful, rich, and privileged. The serious matters of social and economic justice go begging while politics becomes a sensational inbred juvenile sport. These five factors signal that urgent danger exist for societal viability.

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