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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Animal Instinct – Fear

In the past week or so I have warned of the danger of forgetting our frame is that of a mammalian animal. Tonight I wish to discuss the emotion of fear and how that often impacts upon our lives. In our assessment of others, fear can play a predominant role. The emotion of fear strongly colors our evaluation and judgment. I remember well some years ago when I would have a group of young boys over to my house. They sometimes would be running about in all rooms at once. (I was never a strong disciplinarian.) Sometimes after their visit, I might find something missing. I would immediately jump to the conclusion that they had stolen it (for theft was something I subliminally feared). Without fail, a day or two later I would find the missing item just where I had left it (but had forgotten where).

This taught me a very powerful lesson. Be very wary anytime I jump to a conclusion especially when it is based upon the primal emotion of fear. Fear often results in a stigma that presumes guilt with little or no objective foundation whatever.

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