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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bureaucratic Arrogance

There are many, many exceptions. But has it ever entered your notice that as one distances oneself from “real work” and escalates in the organizational hierarchy from day to day front-line operations the greater the temptation there is to become a wolf? Today I asked the owner/operator of a small convenience store would he be the same person “in the head” if during the next year his business dramatically grew. Additions to the staff were made, and instead of often standing behind the counter making pressed Cuban sandwiches (his specialty), he now rather had a full array of “slaves” to handle all the work and he rather set back in an enclosed, plush office complete with an obsequious secretary sitting guard outside his door. What is it that can gain a foothold the further withdrawn from real work and direct customer service we get? I would love to ask this of my wise, humble, experienced, and knowledgeable friend Marvin Sweat who was a Methodist minister but also a beloved Methodist district superintendent in the Florida Conference. Whether this phenomenon represents the emergence of something new or the fuller revelation of what was already nascent would be my primary inquiry.

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