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Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Magic of Defining Goals

Thursday my coworker (while alone in the office) decided to do us a favor and defrost our small office refrigerator that had cooling coils which over time had become heavily built up with ice. When we arrived Friday morning he gave a picturesque narrative of his exploits. He reported making major headway chipping out the ice until he gave a major thrust and his tool punctured the wall of the small freezing compartment. All the refrigerant quickly escaped. We all laughed and then he said ”Well I did accomplished what I set out to do—I defrosted the refrigerator.”

Here we see an example of the magic of carefully defined goals. When focus is managed with sufficient discipline, it is possible to retrieve victory from the jaws of defeat. With similar logic I have seen many of the atrocities of war dismissed as irrelevant so long as a glittering form of success is carefully enunciated by highly placed officials. In the end, the experience becomes a trip into Wonderland.

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