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Monday, March 18, 2013

Eternal Security

Gamble Mansion - Ellenton, FL

What “eagle’s nest” (fortress mentality) have you built to feel secure your private world? How secure are you, really? How has God broken through that to bring you to himself? (Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, page 1131).

A central function of religion is that of serving to meet fundamental security needs in human beings. We seek to attach ourselves to the Eternal One—someone who can be our Intimate-Other forever. As I heard it described in my youth, we look for Eternal Security. To get there we identify eternal values in which we can find security not only for today, but extending forever. In this way, meaning itself is born of security. Thus, we find that true security forms the substantial bedrock upon which reliable creativity and spontaneity flow. In a sense we arrive at Eternal Security by default. All other forms of security fail us in the end. My friend Angelo and I visited Gamble Mansion in Ellenton yesterday. It was constructed prior to the Civil War and is replete with large white columns invoking a sense of stability and security. It was ensconced when built upon a large sugar plantation. Yet some few years after it was built, the Civil War dismantled the basis of antebellum security—slavery. Today we have no sympathy for slavery; yet it is deeply saddening to realize that once a large community of people believed that security resided in this flawed institution—that they looked for safety and stability in a doomed and sinking vessel.

Angelo Lundy at Gamble Mansion

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