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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Abiding “Little Joke” Revisited

I first posted the immediately following paragraph on April 27, 2011:

Once many years ago (in 1980) I had a dear friend who gave me the following drawing on a small scratchpad piece of paper just before we left in his car on an errand one dark and rainy afternoon. It is not the original drawing, which I lost, but a reproduction to the best of my memory and like the original is drawn with a broad tipped pen in black ink. It is a very accurate reproduction for I immediately took it seriously though he said it was a “little joke.” Very early on I took the drawing to have spiritual significance and assumed it was the gift of a divine messenger. The writing beneath states (and these are the exact words) “A structure like this will please the dogs in muddy rainy weather.” I take this to mean a holy structure (the thrice divided triangle) with a cantilever extension indicating worship of the Lord and also being and outward extension indicating compassionate involvement in the world—a structure—which will please the dogs in muddy rainy weather—in other words, through our time on earth which is a period of “muddy rainy weather.” The “dogs” I take to be the Lord and all his minions. I am led to share this with you tonight praying that all might be inspired to live sturdy, structured, and holy lives.

From time to time I have experiences that add to my understanding of this figure. Yesterday evening I was filled with the spirit and the confirmed immense reality and presence of God. For the first time I came to appreciate the expanded significance of the “dogs”-- the Lord God and all his minions. (In truth I have usually focused on the pyramidal structure.) Dogs are not only “man's best friend” they can be also be “man's worst enemy” with sometimes lethal results. In short, for the first time it dawned upon me with all seriousness the fear I should have of God if I flagrantly betray his trust—usually in the form of self-righteous pride and arrogance. The God of the Old Testament is fully capable of chastening me to the point of death. In other words, if I seriously betrayed his trust (if the cantilever were not present) I could well not make it to the end of the block. It is important to remember that physical death is less significant to God than spiritual death.

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