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Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Skin of One's Teeth

Lehigh River Watershed

Last night Kunte and I went to a theater to see the recently released movie, Lincoln. The movie treated the excruciatingly close margin (7 votes) by which the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery passed in the House of Representatives. The effect of the Amendment was significantly helpful in permanently closing the door of slavery from further serious consideration as an officially recognized institution. (Obviously, due to Jim Crow practices the passage of the Amendment did not constitute a solution to all civil rights woes.)

Kunte set up front and I sat in the back of the theater. I was delighted to hear him cheering Lincoln on during his endeavors to get the Amendment passed. Certainly cheer is due whenever we witness an earnest player's anxiety and frustration as he approaches pivotal points which we know full well (if successful) will set in place sea changes determining what hereafter will be accepted as normal—a permanent alteration of public perception as to what is simply and obviously right. The legacy of such watershed moments help explain the passionate fervor that accompanies politics.

Major developments, I have come to believe, more often than not succeed by the skin of one's teeth.

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